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Many Simon Fraser University (SFU) students want to get into the University of British Columbia (UBC) for their speech-language pathology or audiology program, and one of the prerequisites for both programs is to take AUDI 402—a class only offered at UBC. It is available online typically in the second half of UBC’s winter semester (spring) and summer. Note that the deadlines for applications are March 15th for the Summer term and July 15th for the Spring term.

It is an online course that “provides an overview of neuroanatomy and functional neuroanatomy with emphasis on neuroanatomy related to hearing and speech mechanisms. This course is particularly designed for students wanting to fulfill neuroanatomy prerequisites when applying to a graduate program in communication sciences and disorders” (From the 2017 Syllabus).

Note that SFU and the Linguistics Department do not screen students for specific prerequisites for AUDI 402, meaning you could take it at any time in your undergraduate degree. However, this is a challenging course. While no courses are required for prerequisites, the following courses are recommended to help you prepare: PSYC 280, PSYC 303, PSYC 382, PSYC 387, LING 290, LING 415, or BPK 205. Previous students recommend planning at least 15 to 20 hours per week studying for this course and they suggest taking no more than one other course at the same time.

The Campus Wide Login (CWL) and Visiting Student Application

  1. First things first, make yourself a CWL account at UBC
    • Make sure to activate your account from your email within 72 hours
  2. Once you log in with your CWL, start your application for Undergraduate Degree and Non-Degree Studies
    • Fill out your information
    • When you get to the Program Selection portion, register as a Visiting Student at UBC
      • To learn more about Visiting Students, go here
    • If you have already graduated, you must register as an Unclassified Student
    • Finish the rest of the application and pay your application fee (~$70.00)
    • You will receive an email from UBC with your UBC student ID
    • It takes approximately 4 weeks for Enrolment Services to make sure you are who you say you are, and are indeed in a degree program (or recent graduate)
  3. You can now access UBC’s Student Service Portal (SSC)
    • This has information about classes, grades, and finances
    • To check your application status, click on “Application Status” under the “Admissions” menu
    • Check the SSC regularly for updates to your application
  4. Next, you will need to send your letter of permission and your transcripts
    1. These are due on March 15th for the Summer term and July 15th for the Spring term

SFU Letter of Permission

  1. Students must fill out a Letter of Permission for SFU and UBC to give you permission to take AUDI 402 at UBC
    • Select that you have a Valid Academic Reason under the section labelled REASONS FOR TAKING THE ABOVE COURSE(S) AWAY FROM SFU
    • Write a short reason for taking it on a separate piece of paper (3 – 4 sentences) and attach to your letter of permission
  2. Part of the letter of permission is a signature from an academic advisor
  3. Once the form is completed, it must be taken to (or for COVID-19, it must be sent) to Student Services at SFU so they can send it to UBC
    • Note that the CWL and the acceptance email will say that you can input your letter of permission virtually through their portal or through email—ignore this as SFU Student Services will pass along your letter.
  4. This will take 6 to 8 weeks for processing


  1. Through the SFU Go Portal, go to Transcript: Official under the Academics ribbon
  2. Under Select Processing Options select Send To: Institution/Agency and Send By: Mail
  3. On the following page, find the UBC campus
    • The address should be 2016 – 1874 East Mall, Vancouver BC V6T 1Z1
  4. Complete the form
    • The Official transcript will cost $10.00
  5. After sending in your transcript and letter of permission, UBC will take anywhere from 3 – 12 weeks to process your application.
    • You will receive an email when you have been admitted to UBC as a Visiting student
    • Note that Non-Degree Studies students do not accept/decline their offers

The Deposit and Registration Dates

  1. Registration opens around July 1st for the Spring session and around March 1st for the Summer session
    • An enrollment date and time is assigned in your SSC one to two weeks before registration opens
  2. A few weeks before the registration date, you will be able to make a deposit for AUDI 402 on your SSC
  3. First, ensure AUDI 402 is available to register into
    • On the top right, select the correct Session and Campus
  4. You must pay your registration deposit shortly before your registration date and time
    • It is $500.00 and will go towards your class
    • The deposit can be made in the finances section on your SSC

Registering for AUDI 402

  1. Visiting Students’ enrollment occurs about 3 weeks after enrollment begins
    • Reminder that enrollment opens around July 1st for the Spring session and around March 1st for the Summer session
    • UBC students get full priority before Visiting Students’ enrollment dates
    • Try not to keep refreshing the AUDI 402 page with the number of seats left or you will be in agony
      • If there are a lot of applicants, UBC will allow more seats into the program
  2. Before your registration day, make sure to create a ‘Worklist’ so that registration becomes a one step process on the day of enrollment
    • Log into your SSC and select Course Schedule
    • Make sure to select the correct Campus and Session
    • Click New Worklist and give it a name
    • Find AUDI 402 in the list of courses (You can browse for it) and save it to your worklist
    • On the day of registration, you can go to your saved worklist in your course schedule and select Register All
    • Pay your remaining class fees
    • You have made it into AUDI 402!


It is possible to transfer your credits earned in AUDI 402 back to your SFU transcript, although it is not necessary. UBC keeps a transcript that you will need to provide in your Graduate school applications.

AUDI 402 counts as a linguistics upper division course (LING 3XX) and will add 3 upper division credits to your record. Note that your grade in AUDI 402 does not transfer over.

To Transfer Credits

  1. Arrange to have your official UBC transcript sent electronically to SFU Student Records at
    • Due to COVID-19, UBC will send transcripts electronically from their student portal (they are usually printed)
    • The cost is about $14.00
  2. It will take a couple weeks to be received and processed
  3. Check to ensure LING 3XX appears on your transcript

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